Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Prodigal Kitten Returns!

Woman adopted one of the Siameses changed her mind after a week.  "We're not bonding," followed by, "there's something wrong with her eyes."  Like...they aren't blue enough?  She's not a purebred Siamese, of course, so her eyes are ice blue.  They wanted us, specifically, to foster her again so I guess there's no hard feelings?
Our friend who originally fostered our 2 kits (who are 10 years old now), works with this same rescue group in their vet office and she's had just about enough.  It's a very hostile work environment, in-fighting, back-stabbing, passive-aggressive childish nonsense and she's looking for an excuse to quit in a blaze of glory, LOL  Once that happens, I don't know where we'll stand after the fall-out.  This same person also runs the weekend adoption at the pet store so, yeah, we may yet be on their shit list after all just from knowing her.  Wait and see.

I can't stop singing the praises of ammonia!  A guest spilled suntan oil on the bathroom tile floor.  Couldn't get it out with my normal bleach and soap mopping routine.  Scrubbed it with ammonia and the smell and stain is gone!  It cuts oils/grease.  Also, there's dire online info about cats smelling it and peeing on it to mark territory.  Nope.  The cats couldn't have cared less.  I've heard from too many people that it's great for cleaning the smell of cat pee on things like their mattress!  Yeah, can you imagine?  I have mattress covers but I'd be furious if a cat, basically, ruined a mattress.  Good to know that ammonia will kill the smell of cat piss.  I hear you can also use it in your wash, especially for woolens, makes them soft.  I've got some horrible towels I'm about to throw away because they're so rough.  I've tried softeners and those dryer balls and bounce sheets.  Makes no difference.  I'm going to wash them in ammonia next time I do laundry and see what happens. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tonight's Super Moon

No shooting stars but I did see 1 satellite.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

And They're Gone

All kittens are adopted!

Loverboy still had some unhealed lesions, they weren't pink, they didn't fluoresce but they had no fur.  They said put him out there anyway.  He didn't last an hour.  People think they're getting a $1000.00 cat for $55, LOL he's not purebred, guys.  Oh well, take him home and pamper the silly fella.

Our little baby calico had someone waiting for her so, POOF!  All done fostering.  Haven't decided to pursue other rescue groups or not.  We need some time off, see if we have kitten fever after a few weeks.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cruise Ship

Went on a cruise!
Came back with norovirus, damn 3rd world savages they have working on the boats these days.  The ship was fairly run down, especially for Royal Caribbean.  I mean, look, this is the information age and there's precious little online about your boat, your shore excursions, the location.  That's just laziness.  When we got there to board, and just like 15 years ago, you have to wait for hours for your cabin to be ready.
It's not like they're in there cleaning.
Don't believe me?  When we do check in, there's a broken mirrored cabinet door hanging by one hinge, there's no shampoo in the dispenser, there's no kleenex, and the bathroom REEKS of eye-watering mildew the whole cruise.  It was bad.
And we were pretty bored out of our skulls the whole week.  Our last cruise?  Comedy shows, ice skating, inline skating, golf...this cruise?  Well, they had a swimming pool.  It was packed with people every second it was open.
And that's another thing, I HATE that when you get into port, the whole ship closes down.  The pools and hot tubs are drained, no rock climbing, no anything.  After all these years, they're still doing this?  I paid for it, you know?
And the Bahamas suck now.  The ship promotes all these diamond stores and that's pretty much all there is up the one road--jewelry stores.  Now, diamonds don't come from anywhere near the Caribbean.  Why would they sell them here?  I went to the straw market but it's 1 zillion booths with the exact same tacky trinkets that no sane person would have any use for and I couldn't spend a cent there.  Oh, but they do sell bottled Jamaican spices in all the stores.  Um...THIS ISN'T JAMAICA!  

So I guess the Bahamas have utterly nothing of any value whatsoever of their own.  

I went for the tilt-shift, LOL
Here's a Norwegian Sky

Yeah, all the ships go to their own private island, right next to another ships and their own private islands.

At least I didn't get sick on the ship.  By the way, the power of soap and water, NO ONE got sick here because I wash my hands.  I had a house full of people all week and it was just me who was sick.  And yes, I even cooked and made snacks for people and no one got sick.  WASH YOUR HANDS!  It's that simple.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's Official, No More Fostering

The owner of the rescue group is going to take the cats and put them back outside where they came from--out of spite?  To show us?  So all of this was for nothing.  
They wrecked the room and we tamed them and people are waiting to adopt them but she's going to show us, alright.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honestly, I may not foster again

It was suppose to just be a couple of weeks and then the 6 Siamese would be adopted.
Until it was discovered that they had ringworm and WE had to quaratine them.  6 kittens in a bathroom for over a month now.  Out of boredom , they have chewed and scratched the wood baseboards so on top of having to scrub the walls, I'll have to paint them too.  They tore off all the veneer on one side of the cabinets.  Today they removed a decorative piece of the sink.  Lord only knows what they'll destroy next.
We didn't sign up for this.  I can't use my broom and dustpan because it's for their bathroom and it's contaminated.  Cleaning the rest of the house means using a combination of make-do things just to sweep the floor every day and it's annoying as hell.
No one else will take them because they're infected and they don't have any cage for them because they're infected so we're just stuck with them.
Never, never again.  And this weekend, I am going to demand that they take the 3 that have no lesions and do something else with them.  2 never got a single spot and 1 is all healed.  They need to go.
These are not MY cats and I'm done with this being MY problem.
The week after that, the next 3 are going, healthy or not.  We're having guests and I need that bathroom back.  I sure as shit am not moving them to a smaller bathroom to infect and destroy.  
In another couple of weeks the 3 bottle babies will be big enough for surgery and once they're adopted, I'm really thinking that I'll never do this again.  I'm not getting stuck again and they are absolututely going to take this personally and likely drop me as a foster anyway but dammit, I'm taking my home back.