Sunday, March 30, 2014

SCD Dessert-Honey Nut Cake and Parfait

Specific Carbohydrate Diet-Easy Healthy Dessert Recipe


Grind almonds in the blender, not the food processor, to make almond flour.  

If you've got Crohn's or IBS and are on the Specific Carb Diet, you do NOT have to give up dessert! No flour?  No problem!  This recipe works for Paleo diet folks and gluten free as well.  I DO use honey to sweeten, not too much or it makes me ill.  You can use stevia or whatever you normally use to sweeten. And don't make that face and start thinking that honey isn't sugar and this is going to taste all weird and not like a dessert at all.  Just between us, I think a honey cake is 100 times more delicious than a cake sweetened with insipid tasteless white sugar.  Pick a honey with flavor.  I've tried lots but my favorite in the entire world is orange blossom honey

Make SCD Yogurt

This Should Be A Kitchen Staple

If you haven't made it yet, do it. The homemade yogurt puts the right bacteria back into your digestive tract, healing you from the inside out and making the constant churning go away.
I make, at least, 1 quart a week. I can use it in so many recipes.

SCD Honey Nut Cake Recipe

This Is An Easy Cake Recipe

You can add grated lemon or orange rind, spices like cinnamon and cloves, turn it into a carrot cake with grated carrots and raisins, or eat it plain, it's so good!


  • 4 tablespoon butter
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 1/2 cups almond flour


  1. Almond flour sounds tricky but it's just ground almonds. Pop some almonds in your blender and voila! Almond flour.
  2. Preheat oven to 310. Use a mixer to whip ingredients together. Pour into a buttered 8" square glass pan. Bake 30 minutes until cake tests done. case you were wondering if that green bowl is a radioactive bowl from The Atomic Age, yes.  That absolutely IS uranium glass.  More on that another time.

Fruit Parfait

Use fresh or Frozen Fruit

What's in your freezer or on your counter? I have some frozen strawberries so I thawed those, added some yogurt, honey, and a dash of vanilla and mashed it all into a pink delicious parfait filler.


  • Strawberries or any fruit you like
  • Honey to taste
  • About 1/2 cup yogurt
  • dash of vanilla extract


Layer inside a pretty glass, crumbled cake, then yogurt, repeat. I sprinkled unsweetened grated coconut on top and a fresh strawberry would have looked even prettier, but I don't have any fresh.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My 1st Foster Kitten of 2014

Mittens is 8 months old and had been waiting to be adopted at Petsmart but got a runny eye so she had to come out and be quarantined.  

Runny eye cleared up almost right away but she's not a very big eater.  She IS a super lap kitten though!  She'd rather be petted than eat.  She kept trying to nurse on my sweater and my fingertips but when no cat-milk came out, she reluctantly went to the food bowls (wet and dry) and had a few miserable bites.  
Yeah, I know the secret for kittens that are weaned but still want some more baby time.  Yogurt.  I mixed a little yogurt with her canned food and suddenly I wasn't sure if she could breathe at the speed she was gulping it down!  And I make all my yogurt for 24 hours so no lactose which means no runny surprises in the litter box.  

I've been washing my hands after coming out of the quarantine room and thought it's a little easier to just use an anti bacterial gel.  Then I thought, well how hard is it to make?

Now this one is 
1 oz water
1 oz vodka
2 drops each of clove, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus oils

Then there's this one
2 tablespoons unscented castile soap (I used Dr. Bronner’s)
1 – 2 teaspoons fractionated coconut oil (I used about 4 pumps from my Spark Natural bottle of FCO)
10 – 15 drops essential oils of choice (I used 5 drops Melaleuca and 10 drops Wild Orange)

But I think the soap will leave me sticky and the rest could just be too many ingredients.  And if that's just too many silly ingredients, am I just wasting my time?  So I looked it up.  Looks like the only real criteria is, "A product should be chosen that contains at least 60 percent alcohol."  Cool.  I have alcohol and coconut oil and I absolutely adore this scent.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Ideally, my hands won't dry out and no other cats get sick.

*Hand Gel Update*
60% alcohol + olive oil?  It's a flop.  The olive oil sinks to the bottom and doesn't stay mixed any longer than a few seconds.  I have a pump sprayer bottle and all I get is oil.  

60% alcohol + coconut oil?  Seems to stay mixed a little better.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

6 Mysterious Doorways You'd Be Afraid to Enter

I have a weakness for mysterious doorways.  I DO!  It's crazy, but show me an old wooden door or a creepy archway or stairs disappearing upward or downward and I have to get out my camera.
It's the potential of where these mystic paths could lead.  It's the excitement of the great unknown.  Even if there's nothing there now, right at this moment, so many places are permeated with so much history that walking through one of these doorways will make you feel very small and very insignificant.

Want to see the best seller in my Zazzle store?

Lighthouse in Black and White Poster
Lighthouse Eye Poster
B&W steep stairs going down Posters
So I'm not alone on that one, although I tend to be the only one who likes these 2

Where do those stairs go? 

This happens to be a modernized castle stairs in London.  Try to imagine who might have crept up these stairs?

From underneath the Colosseum in Rome.  Imagine the gladiators standing with you, waiting to go up while the slaves are turning cranks, making cages of wild animals appear up at the top for the cheering crowds. 

How many hands have touched that door handle in the Tower of London?

What's upstairs?

 How long has this Roman door been protecting it's secrets?

Let's see where this leads

Monday, March 17, 2014

Highlights from Kitten Season 2013

We are gearing up for Kitten Season 2014 so I thought I'd do a compilation of all the kittens we fostered last year.

For those who aren't aware, Kitten Season is the time of year, usually spring, when nature decides unaltered cats will begun breeding kittens.  If you think about all the feral strays running loose and add between six and 24 kittens in a single year who will grow up to live brutal short lives (parasites, disease, human cruelty, predators) or survive (5 months) to breed MORE ferals, well, that's the philanthropic reason we foster kittens for a local rescue organization. 

In 2013 we fostered 22 kittens!  That's 22 kittens that will not breed more street cats and all have forever homes.

The other reason is because we get kitten fever and if we foster, we can have constant kittens pitter-pattering around the house, half the year.  Hot and cold running kittens!  It's a lot of fun! 

So here's a collection of our 2013 kittens! 

Our first foster family.  Mimsy and her kittens
Forest, Bubba, Jenny, and Lt Dan

She was a trilly cat and always spoke in pretty trills.  We adopted one of our 2nd fosters and he grew up with Bubba (black cats have a hard time getting adopted) so our boy learned to trill too.  Even though Mimsy and her babies have all been adopted, our Professor Fuzziewinkle trills pretty songs to us as his normal language.

The Professor!

Previous Blog Entries for 2013
All about fostering kittens
Naming kittens is serious business (grey themed kitten names)
Military themed names for kittens
Kittens are being adopted!
Mardi Gras themed names for kittens
How to make super cute collars for kittens!
The BEST most AMUSING nail caps for kittens that I found on Amazon!

Cutie pie, Miranda loved to nurse!

Her brother was so pretty and got adopted so quick, we never had a chance to name him

Comet and a couple from the grey litter.  That little fella with the blue collar was a teddy bear, wasn't he?  We always called him Chub-Chub.  
fur like a dandelion

Our last litter was our Mystick Krewe with Mardi Gras names
Do you want to know how long Zydeco lasted?
That boy was adopted so quick, I never even knew what his favorite toy was!

Has this made you want to foster some kittens this year?  They are precious, aren't they?

The List

Undoubtedly, you're going to need a few things if you're about to accept a kindle of kittens into your home, especially if you already have cats.  Now some of this, you can buy in your grocery store or your pet store.  But sometimes the prices are much better on Amazon. 

  • Be sure your own pets are all current on their shots.  Kittens off the street can and usually do have some issues.  Most importantly until the street urchins have been tested for Feline Leukemia, keep them quarantined and separated from your pets!

  • Sprinkle your carpets and furniture with boric acid.  Fleas jump off and will hide in the fabric and then jump right back on your animals.  And you.  I used to be able to buy this locally but now it's all boric acid mixed with roach pesticide and I don't want that all over the house.  Boric acid isn't a pesticide, it's a mineral, mined out of the ground.  It clogs up the fleas and they dry up and die.  Don't get it wet and don't vacuum it out too soon.  

  • Have a flea comb and Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Little tiny kittens can't be treated with chemicals for fleas.  You can't flea dip them.  You can bathe them with Dawn which will choke the fleas out and use a tiny comb to find those nasty parasites.  As long as you keep a clean house (boric acid, your own pets flea treated) the fleas won't spread and the infestation may die out completely by the time the kittens are old enough to be treated. 

  • Buy a box of Large Dog Advantage II and get a needless syringe from your rescue org, they have tons of these so don't be shy.  The flea treatment is the exact same formula for cats AND dogs!  So you buy in bulk and save money and if you apply it exactly, with a syringe, there's no waste! .  I bought mine on Amazon, best price I've seen, but look around and check.    Here's the formula:
Cats up to 9 pounds - 0.4ml
Cats 10+ pounds - 0.8ml
Dogs 11-20 pounds - 1.0ml
Dogs 21-55 pounds - 2.5ml
Dogs 55+ pounds - 4.0ml

  • Have extra litter boxes.  More animals in the house mean more poop.  And if you're not willing to scoop twice a day, deal with messy kitten bathroom blunders, and cajole your pets who now don't like newcomers in THEIR sanctuary, then DO rethink how you're going to foster kittens.  And we do have a kitten-sized litter box.  Sometimes you don't need it but when you do, it makes a huge difference. 
  • Have some L-lysine supplements.  You might even have some already, just be sure that it does not contain propylene glycol.  I have some that I bought locally at the grocery store.  They also sell it at GNC.  You can buy it in small amounts FOR cats all flavored and everything, but it's expensive and you'll use up a bag in a week.  Why do you need L-lysine?  Herpes.  Cat herpes.  Sometimes your own cats might get that drippy eye thing?  If it gets really bad or they're young (or old, or sick) it will spread to both eyes and they eyes can then get infected and it's just a mess.  Have you seen it?  Well, it's extremely contagious so if one little kitty gets it, I can assure you that the rest will get it too.  Kittens have no immune system so if one widdle bitty eye starts running, it's going to get a lot worse in a short amount of time.  Been there, done that.  You can buy it in powder or gel or treats.  Like I said, I just buy the human pills locally.  Full size cats get half a pill.  Kittens get 1/4th of a pill.  If you absolutely can't pill a cat, buy the lysine treats and hope they like the taste.  If you kitten's eyelid gets all pink and swollen outside of her normal eyelid, that's infection.  See your rescue org's vet right away.  They'll give you a cream for the eye.  Don't worry, it's very very common.  They see this one allllll the time. 
Are you ready?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ghostly Cowboys

Just playing around with a cowboy and ghost idea for this image of a Gold Rush era hotel balcony.  And yes, it had claw-foot tubs and stripy wallpaper and the sink in the bedroom and everything.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Best Cat Nail Caps EVER!

I don't know if you do nail caps for cats.  I train all of mine, even fosters, where to scratch and where not to scratch, it's not that hard, it's not a big deal, so I don't need cat nail caps, but I sure bought them anyway!

Those are kitten sized but they come in all sizes.  And they look like this:

Glow in the dark cat nails! Is this awesome or what?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No Tomorrow?

Did we stop dreaming?

 If you were a child in the 60s and 70s, you were promised a bright future of jet-packs, flying cars, and space travel would be utterly commonplace. Why, everyone would vacation on the moon, it was a given. And why not? We would have space colonist terraforming on Mars and Venus as well as the far planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

We were promised.

THIS was our future.

As teenagers and young adults we watched cars become monotonous and uninspired. Houses were no longer trying to be the cutting-edge homes of tomorrow and cities grew uglier instead of the shining beacons of an enlightened society.

What happened? 

Cool Concept Cars For A Future That Never Happened

We Were Suppose To Take Off On The Highway Of Tomorrow

Everything was geared toward the future, outer space, convenience, luxury, and gorgeous lines on cars that looked like rocket ships.
Compare it what you're driving today.
And what do you think the next generation will be driving tomorrow? Oh wait, probably nothing because we're running out of oil. Our short-sighted society isn't concerned with that either.

 Neil deGrasse Tyson

"We stopped dreaming."

"Do you remember the 60s and 70s? You didn't have to go more than a week before there was an article in Life magazine - "The Home of tomorrow," "The City of Tomorrow," "Transportation of Tomorrow." All that ended in the 1970s, after we stopped going to the moon, it all ended. We stopped dreaming. And so I worry that decisions that Congress makes doesn't factor in the consequences of those decisions on tomorrow. Tomorrow's gone."

Space Was Our Playground

Vintage Playgrounds:  Compare these amazing playgrounds of the 60s and 70s to the lame playgrounds of today.   As children, we accepted our destiny in space as a given.  What do children today accept as a given?  

Rocket Slides

Does Your Playground Have A Rocket Slide?

How can children dream about tomorrow, about space travel, about the great beyond if we don't encourage them?  We are dooming our children to this planet; to over-population and diminished resources and, eventually, death because our sun is not going to shine forever and no planet is safe from the errant meteor or asteroid.

"I don't think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I'm an optimist. We will reach out to the stars."
~Stephen Hawking

 Our Destiny Is In Space

We Have No Tomorrow Without Spaceflight Today

I want you to look at the saddest thing on the internet for a minute.

Spacefaring Nations
"The United States government temporarily ceased manned space missions in July, 2011 after STS-135."
 According to Wikipedia, The United States of America is no longer a space-faring nation.  We have to use Russia's rockets to get our astronauts into space, when they go.  And what happens when Russia won't or can't get American astronauts launched? 

I have two important reasons why we can't let this be our future:
  • 1   Lewis and Clark
  • 2   The Next 100 Years
Why Lewis and Clark Are Important To Our Tomorrow

We Have No Future In Stagnation

 We all remember Lewis and Clark. About 200 years ago, they opened up the West to colonization.

Think about that for a minute, 200 years ago all the land between the Mississippi and the Pacific ocean was empty. Aside from a few handfuls of American Indian tribes, there was nothing but vast open spaces.
Now visualize the thousands of people that live in that space today. And visualize again what it will look like in another 100 years. 200 years. Visualize the whole world in 200 years.

Are we willing to either curb world breeding or encourage eugenics for the old and sick--for the whole planet?
"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
It's a fact that we will outgrow this world. We MUST expand to the stars.

 "We have not journeyed across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountain, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy."
~Winston Churchill

The Next 100 Years Are Critical; We May Not Make It

We Can Still Doom Ourselves 

There are three types of civilizations on The Kardashev Scale.

Type I: Uses all the energy that falls on its planet.

Type II: Uses the energy output of a star and its planets.

Type III: Uses the energy of an entire galaxy, the blackholes, stars, and planets in it.

What are we using for energy? We're using dead plants. We get all our energy from dead plants. We're Type 0.
How can we move forward if society stops believing in basic science and no longer strives for a presence in space?   Why do 1 in 4 Americans believe that the sun revolves around the earth?  How is that possible?  If we continue to allow our children to be uneducated, how can human civilization move forward?

 We May Become Type I In The Next 100 Years

Tomorrow's Destiny Is Today

Dr. Michio Kaku has hope for mankind.

Do you?

 No Tomorrow? Further Reading

Kardashev Scale
Wikipedia Article
Type I civilization: can we make it?
Forum discussion
Type 1, 2, & 3 Civilizations
Physics forum
An excerpt from the book of Michio Kaku
Wikipedia of Michio Kaku
Who is this guy anyway?

"The world has changed far more in the past 100 years than in any other century in history. The reason is not political or economic but technological - technologies that flowed directly from advances in basic science."
~Stephen Hawking

Technology For The Future Begins Today

We Must Prepare For Tomorrow

 Our civilization cannot stay bound to one planet. We cannot stop our inevitable forward progress unless we destroy ourselves. If nothing else, the end of the world will come and our mankind will be snuffed out completely if we are completely earth-bound.

The end of the world is coming. It's a FACT:

Our Milky Way is on a collision course with Andromeda. They WILL collide in 3 billion years.
Our sun will die in 5 billion years.

In between that time, anything could happen.

 "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
~Carl Sagan

Space Pirates cardSit and Dream speckcasePlanet Lake mousepadOn My Planet, They Bloom speckcaseFamiliar Sky mousepadThe Tower speckcaseThe Future printNebulous Sky speckcaseSunflowers? card

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."

~ Carl Sagan

Mankind's Future?

Growing up, we were surrounded by outer space. Space toys, sci-fi movies, science fiction paperbacks, science magazines, sci-fi art on our lunchboxes, our notebooks, and even our commercials.

What do we have today? Seen any space-related commercials lately? Know the names of any astronauts from the last 10 years? 20 years? We need to get back to that whole retro fascination with space and ditch the dark ages mentality about science that has become so trendy.

I hope the art here inspires you to consider the future.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die."
~Roy Batty in "Blade Runner"

 TAM Panel-Our Future in Space

Where do our astronomers and astrophysicists think we'll be tomorrow?

Watch this 1 hour video to find the answers to these important questions:

Do they have hope for mankind in space?
Are robots our future?
Are NASA's glory days over forever?
Did Bill Nye kill the ozone layer?
Are Europeans from another world?
TAM 2011 in Las Vegas
Phil Plait, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Pamela Gay, and Lawrence Krauss talk about our future in space.

Stephen Hawking: Colonize space, or else

In recent times, famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has become something of a hawk when it comes to human survival

"Our only chance of long-term survival is not to remain lurking on planet Earth, but to spread out into space."
"It does seem slightly pitiful that so many of our great scientific and engineering minds are being wasted on creating fine new ways to pay for your shampoo with your iPhone, rather than on creating machines that can swiftly and safely transport humans to occupy the Planet Yog."

An empty NASA launch pad dreaming of Mars.

 "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
~ Albert Einstein

What Do You Think?

Is space travel over for the United States?
Can we become a Type I civilization?
Do you have space dreams?
Were you promised a flying car?
Have we reached the tipping point for Type 0?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gifts for Car Enthusiasts!

Gifts for Someone Who Loves Cars
 I've always found that detailing my car is very zen and calming. I love to spend the time making my vehicle look better, making it shine, keeping it looking new. A lot of motorheads love working on their engine because it's like figuring out a puzzle and at the end of the job, they can feel proud of their accomplishment.

What does your boyfriend, husband, or father like best about cars? Or are YOU the car lover?

So what do you get someone who loves cars?

There's so many items to choose from, so many confusing brands, where do you start? And what if they already have everything?
Well, I've bought and thrown away many car products so I'll give you advice as to what works and what every car lover HAS to have in their garage. If you need a gift for Christmas, Father's Day, or a birthday, I know what you should buy for you favorite gearhead or car buff.

Quick Gifts for Car Lovers

Last Minute Gifts for Car Buffs

When you need to buy gifts quick and don't have a lot of time, what do you buy for someone who loves cars? Easy! Make a gift basket! Sure, you can get a basket, that no one will have any use for, but I say, buy a new bucket. It can easily be used for a 2 bucket car wash.

These will make fine stocking-stuffers for the car enthusiasts on your Christmas list or Father's Day!

A gift basket like this can be thrown together quickly with a just a couple of stops at the grocery store and the auto parts store.

Inside that bucket you can stuff all sorts of presents for petrolheads and gifts for gearheads. Once you detail your daily driver, it'll feel like a garage queen!
  • Bounce Dryer Sheets with an optional bottle of bug and tar remover. Nothing gets bugs off the front of a car better than a wet Bounce sheet. Combine that with bug and tar spray and you can remove every bug every time.
  • Microfiber Towels. You just can't have enough. Use them to buff off wax, clean windows, wipe excess spray while claying, use with detail spray, and with Armour-all. I bought a big pack at Costco and you can buy small packs (that aren't enough) at your local auto store. You can really fill a bucket with microfiber towels! They're great!
  • Clay Bar. Mother's has a 2 bar pack that you can pick up at your local auto store or buy on Amazon. I clay both cars every few months and you have no idea how smooth your paint can be once you pull out all the grit. 1 clay bar (for windows too) will last a very long time.
  • Gloves. If you watch The Velocity Channel, you see that most of the mechanics are wearing gloves these days. They protect your hands from sharp engine parts, engine grease, and heat. Once again, you can buy mechanics gloves at your local auto store or you can buy them online to get a better selection of styles and colors. Mechanix online has them in pink and zombie green and camo...
  • Rubber Gloves. Ok, they aren't rubber anymore, but you can pick these up by the box at the grocery store. Find heavy duty rubber gloves at your auto parts store. Great for greasy brakes jobs or oil changes.
  • Hand Cleaner. If you want to try a more personal touch, here's a recipe for hand cleaner: "About a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap, a tablespoon of corn meal, and just enough water to make it "useable". Exact proportions are not crucial." Or just go buy some of that orange smelling squirt pump bottles from your local auto store.
  • 4 Ought Steel Wool. You can buy this at Home Depot, Lowes, or some auto parts stores. Dry 0000 steel wool will absolutely, 100% clean the nasty off of your windows. It is so fine that it will NOT scratch your glass. Also the exact right tool for polishing chrome. If you are a chrome fanatic, I've heard that Harley Davidson makes THE best chrome polish on the market.
  • Rain-X. Once you're moving over 40 mph, you don't need windshield wipers. Been using this for years. Now they have a 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent. Spray some on your windshield wipers too.
  • Wipe-New. I bought it on sale at the auto store. It made my weathered old trim look a LOT better.
  • Mothers Back-to-Black Trim Care. The Wipe New worked better on my fenders because they were REALLY faded. This stuff here made the not-so-bad trim around the rear lights and the trim on the back bumper look brand new. I have bought other brands at the grocery store and at the cheaper auto parts store that claimed to do the same job. They didn't do a thing. Nothing. Mothers not only brought the black color back, it's a wax and water beads nicely. Buy it on Amazon or a good local auto parts store.
  • Tire Dressing Applicators. They're always falling apart so it's an item to always keep buying. I haven't tried these yet but I suspect it's better quality than the ones I keep replacing. Also, a better tire dressing is Opti-Bond Tire Gel. It's also sold on Amazon, sometimes for cheaper. Check. It goes on like a lotion, but you can thin it and spray it on. Last longer than the tire shine products that I've bought so far.
  • California Duster. At your next car show, lightly use a California Duster to remove grit before you spray on detailing spray or waterless wash. Can be found at Target or some local auto stores.
  • Langka Chip and Scratch Repair Kit. Use the Langka Chip and Scratch Repair Kit, along with your matching paint from the dealer, to touch up scratches and chips from daily driving. 

Travel Mug gifts for Car Buffs

if they allow eating and drinking inside their vehicle

 Have You Tried Wipe-New?

Used Wipe-New on the fenders and the trim around the top of the bed. Looks great!
    This is the edge of my fender where I didn't get the WIpe-New all the way to the edge. You can see the difference in the faded lighter color versus the rest of the fender.

Tire Dressing 
Opti-Bond Tire Gel, goes on like a lotion, not a spray.

If you're wondering about the wheels, I spray-painted those with Plasti Dip. Bought it at Lowes.

Junkman's 2-Bucket Wash Technique

Because you better float that dirt off

What happens to your paint if you get leaves or grit on your car washing sponge?
The Junkman is a little wordy and his videos made to show you 1 thing stretch out to 4-5 or more but he's entertaining.
"This is a brother in his garage production."
If you don't like his style, google, "2 bucket car wash," and you'll see, this is the way professional details wash cars. 

"Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines."

Enzo Ferrari

The Best Present for a Petrolhead is a PC7424xp

  How to Machine Polish Your Car 

because I know you're scared 

I know that when I suggested a big expensive polisher for your car, you flipped out. I know you did. I know you're thinking it can't really be necessary or maybe you heard stories about someone who tried a machine on their car and it ruined the paint! Got too hot and burned it or put a bunch of swirl scratches into it. I have good news for you. If you use the right equipment for the job, you will get the right results. My husband bought a 2010 Camaro SS and the original owner put swirled scratches all over that black paint because they didn't know what they were doing plus they used the wrong tool for the job. I fixed it using an orange hexlogic pad, 105, and a my PC7424xp. I made those scratches disappear. If you can find this stuff at your local auto store, then great, buy it there. I found that only one store carries the 105 and the 205 and no one had the Porter Cable 7424xp or the pads so I bought them on Amazon. 

Gifts Every Car Lover Loves 

because a shiny car gets the looks 
1) Orange 5.5 med/heavy cut pads
2) Meguiar's M105
3) White 5.5 med/light pads
4) Meguiar's M205

WHY Are These Ideal Gift for Car Collectors, As Well As Every Car on the Street?

Are your headlights a cloudy yellow mess?

Listen, you people have gotten so used to clouded dim headlights that I constantly am flashed with brights from oncoming traffic because they think I have my brights on!  Sorry, dimmies, those are just stock original 2002 headlights--that are clean!
Renew your headlights with the same tools you used to polish your paint. I also polished the rubber gaskets around the windows and brake lights and that all looks new and smooth. The older the car, the more you need the PC7424xp. It cleans everything.

After I detailed the car.
Washed, clayed, polished with 105, then 205, and then waxed.

 "Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall.
Torque is how far you take the wall with you."

Need new micro-fiber towels?  Visit The Rag Company, click here for edgeless Pro Eagle blue micro-fiber towels that aren't the cheap Chinese ones that stick to your hands.  Exactly, that whole sticking to your hands thing is bad.  These Eagle Blue edgeless towels are approved by The Junkman, himself!  Excellent price and FREE SHIPPING on FRIDAY! 


Automotive Interior Gifts for Car Buffs

Gifts for cleaning the interior of the vehicle

These are the tools for getting the best results and make your car look like new. Notice the use of the PC7424xp? This really is THE tool for every part of your car detailing. 
 So I hope the videos gave you some ideas of what tools the pros use and what you can buy for your car lover or even yourself.  If you love your car, don't scratch swirls into the paint.  Speaking of paint, I recently had my truck painted.  NOT because it was full of scratches but because I told myself when I bought it new, off the lot, that I would one day paint it the color I wanted. I mean, who wants thin paint with no depth?  And why does the dealer get to pick the color?  I only get what's on the lot?  Nope.  It's paid for and I painted it.
 It's black cherry, the dragon is painted on in candy so it dances in the light, and I told Chris Cruz that there's no such thing as too much glitter!

And that's spray-on truck bedding (professional grade) on the trim and rocker panels with a shiny clear coat.  And yes, you can buy that for yourself at Home Depot and totally do it yourself.

Here's how to do it yourself

Check out Chris Cruz Artistry and see the amazing art he's painting on new 2014 vettes, trucks, and motorcycles!