Monday, January 6, 2014

Making Collars for Kittens

Today I made some DIY collars.  These are just to look pretty in the cage, to capture some interest and get adopted faster.  In theory, I'll be getting these back before the kit leaves for their new home but I know how that goes so I'm making a lot.
I've been trying ribbons around their necks and hot gluing bows and store-bought ribbon flowers to the collars but that's not my best work.  Today is better!
 First, I have a lifetime of ribbon already.  I'm old and I've been sewing since high school.  I've got surplus ribbon, no problem.  Those curls?  Ain't that great?  I discovered that last week and just finally got around to trying it this morning!
roll the ribbon on to a dowel, secure with clothespins, into the oven at 275F for 25 minutes

 Then I just sewed them together
 Had the sequined elastic already, knew I'd need it one day

 And there it is on a kitten!

Made some extras and will have to get out there and top off on supplies!  Guess what I've found?
Fold over elastic!
Apparently, it's used for headbands and hair scrunchies.  I found some at JoAnn Fabric.  Very little for too much money.  I hear Micheal's sells it.  It's also, of course, online.

Here's some with ruffles:

Kitten update:  Zydeco and Confetti have been adopted! 

Dress us YOUR kitten with glow in the dark nail caps!

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