Monday, May 8, 2017

Renal Cat

Well, she was, according to the hysterical vet, suppose to be dead by Halloween, but she's still alive! She gets an IV every other day and an antacid every day but she is losing weight steadily and falls a lot when she tries to jump to her favorite spots.  And she's throwing up often and she won't use the litter box.  She still purrs and snuggles and seems happy with life though so I don't think the end is near, it's just closer, day by day. 

The cat she replaced also died from renal failure, the plight of the well-cared for house cat, but we didn't opt for IV fluids with our 1st cat and she died peacefully a couple of weeks after she was diagnosed.  So yes, we bought our latest girl time, lots of time, but the end is being dragged out slowly.  I won't do IV fluids again, that's for sure.  She flinches no matter how much I knead the skin of her scruff, she fights to get away the entire time.  She fights the pill now because she's learned to hate the pill pockets and all the treats we wrapped the pill pocket around.  It feels a little like, "Hello!  Ready for your daily torture that keeps you alive a little longer?  Please don't hate me."