Monday, December 15, 2014

Pepcid AC for Cats

I learned something this week.  Cats can have Pepcid AC (or the generic).  Not the Max Strength, not the Complete.  Just the regular.  And it's been common knowledge since AT LEAST 2006!  Dammmmmit!
Ceilidh is a pukey cat.  She's had the runs for probably 10 years and guess what!  Cured with grain-free cat food!  But it's increased her puking to several times a day.  All day and all night, be careful where you sit and where you walk.  So what does our vet friend suggest?  Pepcid AC.  Works like a charm!  Half a pill in the morning and she's just fine!  
No one could of mentioned this all the times she's been at the vet for her check-up?  All I ever got was, "Some cats puke a lot."

Went to Disney tonight for the Osbourne Lights at Hollywood Studios.  But went to Epcot to eat.

One day I'm going to wear a pedometer and figure out how much walking we do.  Park near Epcot, walk over, walk around and eat (Japan today), walk to front of park, catch bus to the studios, walk around bored (it's a lousy park, really) and starve because there's no food stands and all the restaurants are booked solid, wait for lights and then---


...then walk back out of the park, bus back to Epcot, walk around, eat at The Land, walk out the back entrance, walk around the lagoon to a hotel parking lot.  
Feel like miles and miles.