Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kittens Are Adopted!

Someone adopted them both together!

Also, someone brought back Catterina (momma cat) and she was adopted in less than an hour!'s good to have peace and quiet plus I'm about to have a houseful of guests going in and out so I can't be watching for goofy kittens to not shoot out the door.  I'll also need all 5 bathrooms clean and kitten-free but I miss them!  They were utterly manic this morning doing back-flip tackles over each other and mad dashes thru the house.

My Calia is sick.  Too much pollen, her whole face was swollen, sore throat, drooling, runny eyes.  She's on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drops, and benadryl.  Barely barely barely better.  At least she's eating.  I've been putting lysine in her food because there's something with her eye.  Vet said it could also just be herpes and upper respiratory or just herpes or just allergies.  Cats, man. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"It's Just Skin Cancer!"

Yesterday, had a precancerous lesion frozen off--didn't hurt.  Still doesn't hurt.  And I probably have a basil, also on my face, that she wants to cut off, I'm in between insurance though so it'll have to wait.

It's ok.  Out of all the skin cancers, basil is the, "best," one to have.  It's also the only one I haven't had yet.  Yup.  I had a melanoma cut out of me 2 years ago.  Technically, I'm in remission for 3 more years before I'm considered cured.  Fingers crossed!  As cancers go (not just skin cancer, but all cancer) melanoma is the, "worse," one to get.  Chemo doesn't work.  Once it spreads, well, you're dead.  And that's what it does best, it spreads.  

So far, I've had a precancerous lesion cut out and, sadly, it was the squamous cancer on my nose that took me to the dermatologist.  I'm sure I wouldn't have even bothered going to a doc if the red mark wasn't on my face.  If it was on my arm or leg, wouldn't have bothered me.   I just happened to mention the slightly darker freckle on my leg.  Yup, a tiny spot, a small freckle.  Now it's a 2 inch scar.  They dig wide and deep to make sure, but they don't always get it and that's the problem.  Because I thought it was nothing, I don't have a pic.  The only advice I can give is beware of things on your skin that are chocolate color.  Doesn't matter what size.  This wasn't even a mole, just thought it was a freckle and freckles and moles change normally.  They get bigger, they change color, so what, right?

The squamous looked like I scratched myself in my sleep.  It wasn't exactly a scab, just one of those shallow scratches.  Except it wasn't a scratch and after a month, it wasn't getting any better no matter how much cocoa butter I kept putting on it to heal.  

By the way, that's an old wive's tale.  No, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, none of that prevents skin cancer.  I've read it all over the internet.  Be advised that I've never used lotion, always cocoa butter or coconut oil.  Since...forever.  

And keep in mind, skin cancer is on the rise.  Used to be only old farmers in their 70s got cancer and melanoma was pretty rare.  Now kids are getting it and dying.

I must have been quite the sunbather, huh?  Hours in the tanning bed?  Nope.  True, I did use a tanning bed when they first came out.  I was hoping for the miracle of an actual tan!  But I don't tan, I just get a little pinker.  And, in the end, I was in college and I was poor.  I didn't go long enough to cause cancer.  But, I didn't get massive sunburns either.  Just once in a while, like everyone else. So don't ask me what's changed that so many people are now getting skin cancer.  All I can suggest is use sunscreen.  Neutrogena isn't greasy.  I bought a big Scarlet O'Hara sun hat last time I was in New Orleans and it's delightful in the spring and fall but in the summer, it's soooooo hot.  This xmas, I got a parasol so let's see how that works.  Hey, did you know, "para," means stop.  "Sol," means sun.  Get it?  Stop sun!