Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kittens Are Adopted!

Someone adopted them both together!

Also, someone brought back Catterina (momma cat) and she was adopted in less than an hour!'s good to have peace and quiet plus I'm about to have a houseful of guests going in and out so I can't be watching for goofy kittens to not shoot out the door.  I'll also need all 5 bathrooms clean and kitten-free but I miss them!  They were utterly manic this morning doing back-flip tackles over each other and mad dashes thru the house.

My Calia is sick.  Too much pollen, her whole face was swollen, sore throat, drooling, runny eyes.  She's on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drops, and benadryl.  Barely barely barely better.  At least she's eating.  I've been putting lysine in her food because there's something with her eye.  Vet said it could also just be herpes and upper respiratory or just herpes or just allergies.  Cats, man. 

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