Friday, November 4, 2011


Do you like yogurt? Because I can take it or leave it.
But I bought a yogurt maker last night.
I know, that's CRAZY talk but when you're doing the whole Specific Carb Diet because your bowels hate you, you're suppose to eat yogurt. It's that whole good-bacteria-chokes-out-the-bad thing. I thought I'd try it because, although I've gotten much better, I still have explosion time in the bathroom at least once a day. It used to be 4 or 5 times a day, so yeah, this is better. And why don't I know exactly how I often I get sick? I've been like this since I was 18. I barely even notice anymore. It's second nature to just not eat when I go out (have to be near a bathroom when I eat) or eat in restaurants close to home. If only it made me thin. What's the point of getting sick if you can't be thin, right?

On the uptick, I can always cook with yogurt if I don't actually want eat it with a spoon plus I can make frozen yogurt. And if I can eat it and not run screaming to the closest bathroom, that's always a plus. Oddly, I've never been a big fan of ice cream or frozen yogurt (in general, not because of the results), but watching, "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog," so many times is getting to me. My application into the Evil League of Evil is really strong this year.

Squash Bowl card
Squash Bowl by cinnamonbite

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weight Loss The Hard Way

Yeah, I'm losing weight. It's not as easy anymore BUT I figured out what was stalling my weight loss for 5 YEARS!
I know, right? The devil's own plateau!
It didn't matter how much I ate or how hard I exercised, I suddenly couldn't lose weight at all. I'd lose 2 or 3 pounds, then with no change in activity or diet, it would bounce back up for no reason.

So, one day, a couple of months ago, nothing was on Netflix (as usual) and I saw an interesting DVD cover on the streaming video feed. Sigh. Whatever.
I watched, Fat Head, which was so interesting that it led me to the blog which led me to Wheat Belly where I discovered that my IBS was more diet related than I thought with the SCD diet. Ah HA! Now I not only know my trigger foods, but I also know EXACTLY why sometimes I get sick for no reason. Yeah, there are a whole lot more trigger foods than I knew. Long story short, when I have things like rice or small amounts of illegal food, I may not get sick, but I don't lose any weight regardless of how hard I worked out or how few calories I ate that day.

So anyway, yeah, weight loss the hard way today. I worked out a notch harder and I'm feeling it. A late meal also means I was sapped for energy too, but lunch was a steak and a salad. My own dressing of oil and vinegar and spices. A dash of rosemary this time of year. So basically, I don't eat grains (which just turn to sugar) or sugar or processed food because they're always jamming sugar into everything.
The way I see it, when I lose all the weight I want to lose (40? 50 pounds?) then I can have the occasional bad-for-me food. I was really getting into little cakes too.
Single Serving Cake
I'm not craving anything, but I miss experimenting with fillings and frostings.

I did stumble upon a recipe involving acorn squash and sausage! Needs work though. Needs work.