Friday, June 5, 2015

Finally Sold the House!

9 years of that shit!  Finally sold!  Let the hurricanes come and blow the roof off, let the old heavy trees fall onto it, I don't care.  No more tenants and their shenanigans.  No more constant damage.  No more debt!  Could never make the mortgage payment from the rent, the house just wasn't worth shit but the bank insisted we pay $1300 a month.  Rent could only be 1050.  That house was a freakin' albatross around my neck, I tell you.  SOLD!  I thought they were going to flip the house but it's back up for rent--at $1600.  Yeah, good luck with that.  You'll never get that much.  Enjoy your albatross! 

Want to see something cool?  Come follow me down the internet wormhole...

Did your stomach just lurch in fear?  Yes, that the demon we've been cautioned against our whole lives, right there.  That's the shit that can kill you.  Unseen, unfelt, unheard.  Radiation.  Oh speaking of, I have to get to my dermatologist.  My skin cancer has come back.  If she makes me wait until October, I'm going to have to find a new doc. 

So why does it glow blue?  Hey man, that's Cherenkov Radiation.  Know what else?

"The classic blue glow that is usually given off by Godzilla's spines before he fires his Atomic Breath, and the normally-blue colour of the beam itself, can also be attributed to Cherenkov radiation."

And because you know you want to touch the dragon--nuclear diving