Saturday, March 4, 2017

Finally, No More Litterbox Smell!

You know that old saying, "We can put a man on the moon but we can't____________!" Ok, sci-fi tech has just solved smells.  Any smells.  The one concerning me is litterbox smell, multicat household, asshole cats who play dominance games and don't bury.

Did you ever watch the movie, The Andromeda Strain?  Remember they stood in the light to sterilize the germs off their bodies?  Same principle!  

I plugged this in the cat bathroom, a bathroom with 2 large litter-filled plastic storage boxes that served 5 cats, 1 cat with irritable bowel, and then went shopping.  Came back and there are NO smells of any kind in the cat litter room.  None.  That fermenting litter smell, the one that never goes away no matter how often you clean the litter box, no matter how much baking soda you add, no matter how much vinegar you set in the room, it is gone.  Completely.

This is so high-tech, so science fiction, so...oh hey, you think they have these on the space station?  Because I hear that the space shuttle developed a smell after a few days.  Mammals in close quarters and toilets with no fresh air, that sort of thing.  You think NASA invented this?  I can't believe that there is no smell whatsoever, of any kind, in that room!  Matter of fact, my old Calico walked in, stopped, sniffed the litterbox, came back out and sat in the doorway and gave me a pointed look.

"It's ok.  Do you business."

So she turned around and did her thing, but she was unsure because THERE IS NO LITTER SMELL!  AT ALL!