Monday, April 25, 2016

8 Weeks Old and Done

So, here are their, "graduation photos."

They get fixed this week and then off for adoption.

Yesterday the org called with an emergency!  Newborn kittens and a momma needed a home quickly! 6 hours after we said we'd take them, they got back to us and said it'll probably be a couple of days.


And will I get attitude when I tell them to capstar the lot of them before I take them into my home?  Yep.  


Friday, April 1, 2016

Got Kittens!

Yeah, the org hates us because we insist that the animals are treated for fleas before they are allowed in our home (with out pets).  We're high maintenance, apparently. And then with our outlandish demands that the kittens are all fixed while they're still kittens and not at 3 or 4 months old, yeah, we're terrible.

So kitten season and we got a batch anyway.  And they have ear mites so hopefully I can get SOMEONE to do SOMETHING about that.  Poor things.

Working on getting more pics, I'm posting movies over on Twitter, it's so tedious to do that here so...yeah, you lose, LOL

So, my deadlifts are up.  125.  Not the first time I've lifted this but I'm going back up the ol ladder.  Overhead press is up to 20lb dumbbells so not great but I'm pushing thru this plateau.  Still force feeding myself.  Got sick twice, lifted anyway.  Both of us got sick, I blame him for bringing something from work then immediately after, got sick again.  Still lifted.  Added cardio.  LIGHT cardio!  Just 20 minutes of HIT!  And sometimes boxing the heavy bag.  It's good!  It's all good!  Getting too hot to do that outside tho, jeeeeeeeeez louise it's going to be a long hot summer! 

Example: I got up at 8 (way too early) and fed my 4 cats, medicated all (everyone is allergic and Ceilidh is neurotic so pills, anti-biotics, and eye drops, a little for everyone) went upstairs and fed the fosters, cleaned litter boxes and sweat was pouring off me, my jam-jams were soaked and had to be tossed in the laundry.  8am.  In March.  Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Cat allergies-2 have been on prescription food, it doesn't do anything.  Got 2 that are all red gummed and had dentals and 2 rounds of antibiotics now, I'm going to skip all the months of trying new things like the vet wants, even tho she admits that the other things rarely work, and when we go in in a week for a check up, if it's still bad, I'm opting for pulling the teeth.  It doesn't effect the cat whatsoever and Mei Mei is a snowshoe, she can't lose any weight.  She's down to 7 from her normal 8.5.  Can't have it.  Her teeth hurt?  Get rid of them, let her have a pain-free little life.  Fuzzywinkle doesn't slow down eating for anyone.  If it was just him, I'd say leave it.  It just makes his breath bad and he couldn't care less but if one is going in, let's get it over with. 
Calia has itched her whole life, then last year she got a nose bump that kept growing and then in November her toes swelled up and she got a bump behind her ear.  Vet says it's all allergies.  Steroid shot and she's nearly normal!  Ceilidh, well, she's allergic to...I don't know.  Air?  Liquid squirts, vomiting her whole life.  No food seems to work for long.  She'll be getting another steroid shot in a couple of weeks.  It seemed to help some.  The special food and the cat probiotics sure didn't make any difference once the shot wore off. 

Personally, I think all the commercial cat food is toxic but mine will NOT eat people food and raw food is not acceptable to my divas.  Tried it.  They didn't eat for 3 days.  I gave in. Mei Mei can't lose any weight, remember?  Won't eat chicken, tuna, salmon, steak.  At least the rabbit eats his hay cookies!  Rabbit and the fosters are the healthiest animals I have in the house!  Sheeeeeeeeesh!