Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weight Loss The Hard Way

Yeah, I'm losing weight. It's not as easy anymore BUT I figured out what was stalling my weight loss for 5 YEARS!
I know, right? The devil's own plateau!
It didn't matter how much I ate or how hard I exercised, I suddenly couldn't lose weight at all. I'd lose 2 or 3 pounds, then with no change in activity or diet, it would bounce back up for no reason.

So, one day, a couple of months ago, nothing was on Netflix (as usual) and I saw an interesting DVD cover on the streaming video feed. Sigh. Whatever.
I watched, Fat Head, which was so interesting that it led me to the blog which led me to Wheat Belly where I discovered that my IBS was more diet related than I thought with the SCD diet. Ah HA! Now I not only know my trigger foods, but I also know EXACTLY why sometimes I get sick for no reason. Yeah, there are a whole lot more trigger foods than I knew. Long story short, when I have things like rice or small amounts of illegal food, I may not get sick, but I don't lose any weight regardless of how hard I worked out or how few calories I ate that day.

So anyway, yeah, weight loss the hard way today. I worked out a notch harder and I'm feeling it. A late meal also means I was sapped for energy too, but lunch was a steak and a salad. My own dressing of oil and vinegar and spices. A dash of rosemary this time of year. So basically, I don't eat grains (which just turn to sugar) or sugar or processed food because they're always jamming sugar into everything.
The way I see it, when I lose all the weight I want to lose (40? 50 pounds?) then I can have the occasional bad-for-me food. I was really getting into little cakes too.
Single Serving Cake
I'm not craving anything, but I miss experimenting with fillings and frostings.

I did stumble upon a recipe involving acorn squash and sausage! Needs work though. Needs work.

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