Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cauliflower Crust--Indian Style

Alright.  I'm going to warn you right up front that unless you already have a full collection of kitchen spices, you're going to HAVE to either visit your local Indian grocery or hit up Amazon.

Herb Companion

I have years of back issues of The Herb Companion, back when it was good.  In December 1992 - January 1993, the Herb Companion picked the winners of their Great Spaghetti Cook Off!  I want everyone to know that one of those recipes, the one by Leesa Townsend of Aurora, Oregon changed MY life and the lives of everyone for whom I've cooked her winning Calcutta Pizza Sauce.

Here's the recipe:
2 tbls butter
1 1/2 tbls cumin
1 tbls paprika
3 cloves minced garlic
2 tbls ginger
2 seeded and minced jalapeno peppers
3 1/2 cups chopped tomatoes (canned works fine)
1 tsp ground cardamom (have you ever added this spice to your apple pies?  DO it!)
1/2 tabls garam masala (don't panic)
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup cream (I skip this because of my IBS)
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
Heat it, let it cook 30 minutes, add dairy, serve on rice.

Except I can't eat rice.  It doesn't hate me as bad as wheat hates my guts but I don't want to be all bloated from stupid rice.  How can I make this SCD diet compatible?


Well this stuff is THE rage, isn't it?  Cauliflower crust pizza, all paleo and SCD and carb free.  Of COURSE I tried making pizza with it
and it's ok.  It will never be bread that holds together but it's serviceable.  It would much rather fall apart than be firm.

It's a simple recipe.  And ground up caulifower seems promisingly versatile, doesn't it? All you have to do is squeeze out the moisture
add spices, cheese, and an egg and it should become anything, right?

But you can see that it's just not going to survive being picked up.  But the real problem is that it tastes like cauliflower.  

So I said, "Self, what food works with cauliflower?"
"Hmmmm," I responded.  "Hey, what about Indian!"
Ok so, Indian sauce on the cauliflower crust!  But then what?

Well, February/March 1993 not only did garam masala but it did paneer!  So I made paneer for the top!  And by the way, if you don't have some onion seeds for making naan or even cauliflower fake pizza, then YOU are missing OUT!  Anyway, I've been making my own garam masala for years, it's dead easy!  
Grind together:
2 1/2 tbls cardamom pods
4 tbls cumin seeds
5 tbls coriander seeds
1/4 tsp mace
2 tbls peppercorns
1 1/2 tbls cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1/4 tsp ginger
1 tbl nutmeg

and the end result is:

So give this a try next time you feel like having a healthy Indian lunch!

here is is with pesto, tomato slices, and feta cheese:


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