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Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens-a piece of Florida history!


 Down in the hills of Florida, past the miles of orange groves, is one of Florida's old time parks, Bok Tower Gardens. Although the park used to seem bigger (subdivision sprang up all around it during the last out-of-control building glut) this botanical park is 250 acres and worth your time to visit.

Not only is this a great little day trip, I think that Bok Tower has one of the better gift shops of any Florida attraction. On top of the wonderful little trinkets for your own garden and wildlife toys for your kids, they have themed gifts and that makes all the difference. Over the years we've collected a cross-stitch pattern of Bok Tower, a jigsaw puzzle of the tower, a blue porcelain plate of Bok Tower, and a CD of Christmas music played on the carillon.

And don't decide that because you're way out in the middle of no where that the next fast food stop is your closest place to eat anywhere civilized, try The Blue Palmetto Cafe! It's surprisingly eclectic and healthy! You can eat beer batter fries along with a hummus vegetarian wrap (not dripping with unhealthy sauces or mayonnaise), while your friend eats a kraut dog, or a tuna (not gooey and dripping) salad on a bed of mixed greens (not iceberg) and a root beer float. They also have various beers and wines. If you noticed the bee hives in the orange groves on your drive up to the parking lot, you can find the Bok Tower orange blossom honey sold in the cafe.

 "Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it."
~Edward Bok

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Have you been to Bok Tower?


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 What is your favorite part of Bok Tower Gardens?

The Tower

from wikipedia

"The Singing Tower is the centerpiece of the gardens. The tower was built at the highest elevation of the site, south of a reflection pool that allows the water to reflect its full image. A 60-bell carillon set within the 205-foot (62 m) tall, Gothic Revival and Art Deco tower that was designed by architect Milton B. Medary. Construction on the tower began in 1927 and was completed for the dedication of the gardens in 1929, when it was dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge. The tower is 51 feet (16 m) square at its base, changing form at 150 feet (46 m) high to an octagon with 37 feet (11 m) sides that include sculptures designed by Lee Lawrie. The tower is surrounded by a 15-foot (4.6 m) moat that serves as a Koi pond. It is built of pink Etowah marble and gray Creole marble, mined in Tate, Georgia, and Florida native coquina stone, from Daytona Beach, Florida.

Although the tower's interior is not open to the public, it contains the Anton Brees Carillon Library, said to be the largest carillon library in the world.

Inside the bell chamber is a playing room that houses a clavier, or keyboard, that is used for playing the carillon bells. Recitals are given daily from the 60-bell carillon set."

A Peek Inside Bok Tower
The tower is not open to tours by the general public, but you can go inside virtually

Getting Married?

Have you considered getting married at Bok Tower? I did!

Eons ago, we got married at Bok Tower. It's cheap, it's gorgeous, non-denominational, and the gardens will forever have a special meaning to your family. How many other brides can say a historic landmark played just for them? Also, there are multiple locations to have your wedding inside the park! We got married at the highest point, by the overlook, but we got the idea from seeing a stunning, traditional Japanese wedding over by the tower, under the shade trees.

Bok Tower Wedding RSVP Personalized invitationBok Tower Wedding, personalized Bok Tower Wedding, personalized invitation

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Contact Bok Tower for more information about having your wedding in the garden.

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