Wednesday, March 19, 2014

6 Mysterious Doorways You'd Be Afraid to Enter

I have a weakness for mysterious doorways.  I DO!  It's crazy, but show me an old wooden door or a creepy archway or stairs disappearing upward or downward and I have to get out my camera.
It's the potential of where these mystic paths could lead.  It's the excitement of the great unknown.  Even if there's nothing there now, right at this moment, so many places are permeated with so much history that walking through one of these doorways will make you feel very small and very insignificant.

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Where do those stairs go? 

This happens to be a modernized castle stairs in London.  Try to imagine who might have crept up these stairs?

From underneath the Colosseum in Rome.  Imagine the gladiators standing with you, waiting to go up while the slaves are turning cranks, making cages of wild animals appear up at the top for the cheering crowds. 

How many hands have touched that door handle in the Tower of London?

What's upstairs?

 How long has this Roman door been protecting it's secrets?

Let's see where this leads

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