Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wheat is Junk

I'm watching tv commercials and gleaning that most people have fallen for a big media lie.
Let's see if you've heard this before, ready?
"Anything made with wheat is empty calories."
Or how about this one-
"Whole wheat bread is better than plain white bread, but it shouldn't be the bulk of your diet."
Yeah, see, that was all common knowledge in the 80s. Since the 80s, two things have happened.
1) grains went from frivolous junk to, "healthy grains," and we've been admonished to make them the biggest part of our daily intake.
2) people are MUCH fatter than they used to be.
Even bodybuilders used to know that a proper diet was to eat something with a face and a salad. Of course, LOL, that was before steroids began winning contests. Get on the juice and you can eat anything you want. They say they can feel the fat burning off them at night in bed.
Here's a thigh-slapper.  Someone asked me what I do about fiber.  Now, this is AFTER I told him, "Yeah, I just eat meat, vegs, and fruit."  For some reason he's been laboring under the delusion the there's fiber in grains.  Ok bread eaters.  Get a big ol' mouthful of bread and chew it up (by the way, your saliva is turning it to sugar while it's still in your mouth.  We learned that in a 7th grade biology lab).  All chewed?  Ok, spit it out and rub your finger in it.  Notice any fiber in that gooey mess of paste?  If it's this bad just in your mouth, you think it'll firm up once it hits your stomach acids?  Now try it with say some lettuce.  Yeah.  There's no fiber in grains!  Don't be silly.  They lied to you.  I'll give props to corn as a fiber but as much as I adore corn, I don't adore that it filled with sugar.  You know, corn syrup?  How about corn starch?  Ever hear that starch makes you fat?  How about corn-fed?  Big ol' corn-fed cows all fat for market.
Look, I'm not that old so I can't figure why people fall for this. I KNOW y'all know this, same as me. This must be the whole, "media is all about the youth,"that old people always complain about because it looks like history is only 10 years old on tv.  Anything older than that is conveniently forgotten and no longer counts.  Well look, you don't have to be young AND stupid. Don't fall for the media. They lie.

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