Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vegetables--how to get more vegetables in your diet!

I hate vegetables!  I hate them!
Ok, let me carefully rephrase that.
I have grown to hate America.
In Europe, wow, they have WAY better produce than we do.  I can't say that enough.  Have you ever had a potato with distinguishing flavor?  Yes, I said potatoes have a flavor!  The potatoes in London were great but tasted different from the potatoes in Paris.  What do potatoes taste like here?  Um...white?  Doesn't matter.  I don't eat them.  They're just starch and I'm no farmer, up at the crack of dawn, needing that extra energy to get a full day's work in, so no starch for me.
Know why I don't have a garden?
Can't stand vegetables!

So I have to work hard at choking down the bland to awful tasting, good-for-me vegetables.  What about you?  Starting a diet?  I know, you're Paleo.  No, you're embracing that whole raw diet idea.  Wait, thinking about becoming a vegetarian?  Yeah, every healthy diet sure pushes vegetables on ya, don't they?  Blech.  So what am I doing?  The first thing I've done is loaded my freezer with bags of frozen vegetables that I bought at Costco.  I'll avoid vegetables until they rot in the fridge so with frozen vegetables, I can load a bowl with nasty colorful healthy vegetables, already washed and cut, nuke it in the microwave, and serve a piece of meat on top and call it lunch. With enough seasonings, this works for me.

Know what else I did?
See this thing?  It's a Julienne Peeler.

I know I've heard of Julienne peelers before, but didn't pay attention.  Had something to do with VEGETABLES, right?  Well, it turns your vegetables into thin strips!  Vegetables noodles!  Exactly!  You see it in your head, right?  Vegetable pasta with shrimp or meatballs.  Vegetable stir-fry with slivers of vegetables!  This morning, I tried it for the first time.  I sauteed some onions in butter, then added zucchini and there it was.
   I added some eggs and had an omelet.  I actually had an omelet with a vegetable in it!  I think this concept of making vegetable noodles is going to really help me to eat healthier for the New Year.

There are other things you can use to get similar results.  There's a Mandoline
Seems to give exactly the same results. Or, if you want longer, "noodles," try a vegetable spiralizer! 

That will make a whole bowl of, "pasta," and your eyes won't know the difference. 

And if you want more vegetable slicing options, like those large flat spiral vegetables as well as vegetable pasta, you should get this gizmo:
You can make all your salad and side dish dreams come true. If you're having salad and side dish dreams of some sort.

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