Monday, May 26, 2014

Kittens this Week!

So these kittens are from a different rescue group.  Their person in charge is out of town and the foster who had them lost her mind over the weekend because she couldn't handle sick kittens.  After the 2nd vet visit (Friday and Sunday) and 2 bags of meds, she told the org to come get them yesterday around 10am but then flaked and wasn't home until around 7pm.  Nice.

Picture not in focus but this is the situation.  Big deal, right?  They're on lysine and antibiotics and eye cream.  It'll clear up in a couple of weeks, of course.  They came with a bag of multiple antibiotics, sterile saline, eye drops...yeah.  Nonsense to shut up a freaking out paying customer instead of setting her straight.   Yes, I know she's probably mental and wants the drama but the vets aren't being paragons of responsibility here either.
And no, she didn't use her rescue group's vet.  Not once.  So she spent over $500.00 to be awash in drama and hysterics.  At least she had to pay money for her attention seeking behavior.

Do I have ANY pics in focus?  Well...sorta.  

They don't sleep much and they don't hold still.  This little grey one is the one Spouse is IN LOVE with because that kitten knows no fear and never tires out.  He wants to play, play, play!  You walk in and he's running up to you to play mighty hunter. 

BONK!  To the nose!

Momma cat supervises

little girl watches

So this week I'll be trying to talk the Crazy Cat Lady off the ledge because we don't need to be adopting anyone else.  We have plenty of our own!

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