Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Want a Super Clever Kitten?

The kittens are back up for adoption and I'm going to miss them something fierce!  No one came down with ringworm and they seemed to have taken care of it at the clinic and at Petsmart.  Those kittens were super smart.
Now when I do the quarantine bathroom, I put a towel on the floor so they can sleep on it or play with it, whatever they want.
Well they wanted to sleep in the sink.
Yup.  They carried this up and mashed it down they way they wanted and they'd take turns sleeping in the sink. 

Or how about the toys?  I have a special bag of quarantine toys--all washable.  I got it out of the closet, took out a few, put them back on the shelf.  My Little Bird was watching and I could see the wheels turning inside his little brain.  Sure enough, next time I went in there, he had opened the closet, climbed the shelf, and gotten the bag of toys down.  What else could I do but give him ALL the toys to play with?
I hope they get great homes because these are great kittens and I'm going to sure miss them.