Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's Kitten Season!

We have kittens!
So we go to Petsmart to buy cat food and bunny treats (he loves him some frosted donuts!) and we stop by the cat adoption to say hi and pet our fosters when...
apparently some irresponsible pet owner brought 6 kittens in a box and set it down by the trashcan and left.
I guess in a couple of months she'll be back with more, right?

They're 3 weeks old, don't even have all their teeth, eyes are so very very kitten blue.  I said to spouse, "are you sure you want bottle babies?"
I tried to warn him, but he's a crazy cat lady, you know.

Ok, so we have bottle babies.  We took 3 and another foster took the other 3 (because feeding and pooping 6 kittens every 3 hours is kinda A LOT, especially at 3am and this is our first set of bottle babies).  Now poor Bob is up to 32 cats and kits at his house.  He has 6 of his own.  Yeah.  We need more fosters, huh?
Hi!  We're totally filthy and are covered in fleas!  Love us!
Ah ha ha ha--BATH!

 after a little Dawn and a flea comb


thrashing to Danzig?

So this is Ninja Sprinkles.  She has just a sprinkling of white on her legs.

This little calico is a talker!  Working on a name still. 

And here's Butterscotch Bill.

Butterscotch Bill is such a lap cat! 

we are working on solid food

but we is little and stupid

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