Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kittens not doing so well

Especially the calico.  She was vomiting all night.  They've had the runs for 2 days.  The vet tech wormed them yesterday, but no change.
Personally, I think she was puking from the smell of the litter.  I've seen grown cats dry heave once they smell what comes out of their butt.
No vomiting since we cleaned everything up.
But the calico is not talking and not toddling like she was last night.
I'm going to give her some yogurt later, see if that will tighten her bowels.  She's underweight anyway, hasn't gained any weight since this weekend.  Siblings have gained, but not her.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

*retroactive purrs* it sucks when kittens are sick

Cinnamonbite on Zazzle said...

She's at the vet today. Getting IV fluids and tested for parasites. The others have also started vomiting but aren't as bad off as she is. The other 3 at the other foster ALSO have the runs but that's kinda normal for kittens so...inconclusive. His aren't puking but they do have the old eye infection.
I found a recipe for kitten pedialyte online and kitten glop and dosed her every time something came out of her but I can't keep up and get her filled. Plus she has no appetite so I have to force-feed her, even just the sugar water. Kittens, man. You can have healthy kitten one day and on death's door 2 days later.