Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cat Adoptions!

Smokey and Mao have been adopted!  They spent over a year in a cage, waiting.  Finally a chick dumped her boyfriend who was allergic and took them both.
Yay!  I gave them a cage break a few months ago and just loved Smokey.  I called him my Little Bird because he chirps instead of meowing.  I'd of had them over more often but Mao is a terror around my cats.  Attacks them.  And then we've had kittens nonstop.
Speaking of, still have, "Lisa."  I call her Happy, because she really is, all the time, the happiest cat ever.  Ok, not in the cage on weekends to be adopted.  She fiercely bites and hisses because she's found HER home, dammit, LOL

Outside, we're TNRing the stray cats in our area.  Got 2 females already fixed and released and caught 1 today.  I know there's 1 more for sure, but have no idea how many are around.  A lot get killed but the group has steadily been growing since we moved in.  Went from seeing a cat once in a while to at least 4, for sure, and sightings of new cats every so often.  I think I know who the father of the cats is, but I've only seen him one time, months ago, but they all look like him.

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