Sunday, August 9, 2015

Oh Buttons

So Buttons almost got adopted today but went nuts, hissing, growling, biting and the family who wanted him took a pass at Mr Feral Pants.

But he's not feral here!  I swear!

 We have people over, our fosters get held by strangers, they are exposed to noises and toys and other cats but every single time they go to the cages to get adopted they flip out!  

Any idea how to fix this because I got no clue.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Cats aren't dumb, they react appropriately to non-cat people. And if they are reacting that way to cat people, cat people are smart enough to know.

It can be frustrating when you have a more selective group of kittens that takes longer to adopt because they are picky like that, but I always tell myself that it just means they'll get a better for them home.

Cinnamonbite on Zazzle said...

Oh I think that's true as well but we're getting attitude from the volunteers who do the adoptions. Insinuated that we aren't fostering the kittens right since this is a reoccurring problem for our fosters. Our kittens do not like sitting in a cage all day with no litter box or food or water and having dogs and strangers and chaos happen all around them while surrounded with other cats and kittens in cages who hiss and growl at them. I mean, I'd freak out too but everyone else's cats and kittens don't seem to mind it and can be handled. Our boy here bit the volunteers when they tried to take him out of the cage. Acted like we should be doing something to control that. Like what, I can't even guess.