Friday, August 7, 2015

We have KITTENS!

Long story, but we have a 9 week old fella who was feral (that's why he was separated from his first foster family and feral mom, he wasn't getting socialized) but he's a lap kitten now and while we had him on display for adoption, someone brought in some little 4-weekers who's feral momma got hit by a car and they asked us to take them too.  Sure.  Why not?

So yesterday, geeeeeeeeeze, saw a worm coming out of the older kitten.  Not uncommon.  It happens.  They're all little street urchins, after all.  We worm them but there are so many different worms to treat.  He already had coccidia and we treated for that so tapeworms, big deal, right?  Nope.  Oh man, started with a tissue to wipe it off but it was still inside so it had to be pulled out...and pulled out and jesus jumpin' christ on a pogo stick--it just kept coming and coming!  2 feet came out of a little kitten!  Ok, so that's a tapeworm from eating lizards, not fleas.  He'll get meds tonight.

After the 3 babies come back from the vet. 

Yeah, I noticed yesterday that they were eating but looked wrong.  Weighed them and they had all lost an ounce.  Yeah, diarrhea.  And then vomiting last night and then no eating at all.  I made kitten glop and we force-fed all night until they could get to the vet this morning.  Been down this road before.  Antibiotics, fluids, meds to stop both ends from spewing and they'll most likely get better. 

Kittens are so fragile and go downhill quick.  Unless it's something dire, I'm sure they'll be fine after treatment.

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