Monday, August 25, 2014

And The Prodigal Kitten is Adopted Again

Yeah, the volunteer who took her said the woman came in reeking of vodka (does vodka smell different from other alcohols?  I don't drink so I don't know nuthin'), had all the cat supplies too and dumped everything (the whole kit and caboodle?) and demanded her money back.  So I guess she had a drunken tantrum and the rest of the family came home to no cat and a crazy woman ranting and raving.  Or passed out in a drunken stupor.

In other news, ammonia did not make any difference to the towels.  These towels just all of a sudden MUST have a softener in the wash and dryer balls in the dryer or they'll take your flesh off your bones like a cat tongue. 
Still swearing by ammonia for mopping though.  Cleans like bleach but doesn't bleach.  If you get me. 

Already plotting The Great Black Sunday Litter Job this year.  We have a core group to set up camp with outside the door at Petsmart.  Steak N Shake is open 24 hours and is at the end of the parking lot.  My truck can hold 1200 lbs so it looks like we can take half a pallet of litter.  And that should be all we need for the year!  On top of that, a couple of weeks ago, we got a coupon for $25.00 off if you spend $100.00 AND the purple lid litter was on clearance ($7 a bucket) so we already have a wall o' litter in the garage.  Black Sunday will be the icing on the poop cake.  Or urinal cake. 


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

black sunday litter job?

Cinnamonbite on Zazzle said...

Yeah, but I got the name wrong. Black Thursday? No, wait, FRIDAY! Is it Friday?
I'm not much of a holiday shopper. Anyway, what's the day after,'s Thanksgiving day? No, it's after the meal, right?
Anyway, last year they had litter for $4.00 a bucket at Petsmart on that big shopping day.

Cinnamonbite on Zazzle said...

You know what? It hit me last night around 2am! Black Sunday WAS a thing. It was a very disappointing movie in the 70s where this blimp was flying over a football stadium and it had a bomb so it was going to be like The Hindenburg in death toll, right? But then I watched it and it was like a little Goodyear blimp and the bomb never went off and even if it did, how could that REALLY kill anyone in the stadium unless it fell on them. So yeah.
And then if you google it, oddly, a lot of things refer to Black Sunday. The day Disneyland opened, dust storm...yeah, stuff.
I learned something today