Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Prodigal Kitten Returns!

Woman adopted one of the Siameses changed her mind after a week.  "We're not bonding," followed by, "there's something wrong with her eyes."  Like...they aren't blue enough?  She's not a purebred Siamese, of course, so her eyes are ice blue.  They wanted us, specifically, to foster her again so I guess there's no hard feelings?

I can't stop singing the praises of ammonia!  A guest spilled suntan oil on the bathroom tile floor.  Couldn't get it out with my normal bleach and soap mopping routine.  Scrubbed it with ammonia and the smell and stain is gone!  It cuts oils/grease.  Also, there's dire online info about cats smelling it and peeing on it to mark territory.  Nope.  The cats couldn't have cared less.  I've heard from too many people that it's great for cleaning the smell of cat pee on things like their mattress!  Yeah, can you imagine?  I have mattress covers but I'd be furious if a cat, basically, ruined a mattress.  Good to know that ammonia will kill the smell of cat piss.  I hear you can also use it in your wash, especially for woolens, makes them soft.  I've got some horrible towels I'm about to throw away because they're so rough.  I've tried softeners and those dryer balls and bounce sheets.  Makes no difference.  I'm going to wash them in ammonia next time I do laundry and see what happens.

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Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

sorry to hear about the returned kitten.. some people.. sigh

and infighting is never nice.. it always does amaze me that it happens..

I hope you share how your towels come out..