Friday, March 4, 2016

Hitting All PRs Today!

I've got my allergies to pollen and my cat going full blast (my truck it yellow with pollen right now) and I'm tired and just physically exhausted.  I know it's going to be bad when I come upstairs and I'm winded.
I'M WINDED GOING UP A FLIGHT OF STAIRS--that's how tired I am!
Boy, I'm going to have a great workout today, huh?

Somehow, I had all PRs (personal records) on everything!  EVERYTHING!

Went up on squats.  1 extra set, up 5 lbs (goblet squats)
Went up on military press.  Got 5 reps instead of 4
Went up on rows, graduated from dumbbells to barbell.

Checked weight this morning and I'm up 7 pounds.  I'll weigh-in again in a month.  Hope for the best.  Hey, maybe I just packed on 7lbs of invisible muscle?  LOL

Still eating my tdee, mostly.  I was 79 calories short last night.  I'll do better today.  I will! I hope.  Everyone says it's impossible to gain weight eating your tdee.  Everyone says it's water.  My macros are in line, there's nothing else I can do about it.  Up or down, I've given my body to the internet, I can't focus on the scale.

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