Monday, March 7, 2016

Night Sweats

I've upped my calories yet again.  All the online calculators come up with drastically different numbers and I was using a low one.  Many others have me in the 2000 to 2200s a day.  Ok, now I'm up to 2000.
More or less.
I have bags of nuts all over the house to help me hit those numbers and macros.  Day 3 and I'm close, really close.  I have 191 calories yet today.  Macadamias, here I come!

One of the reasons I think I was too low at 1760 is because I am still freezing cold all the time.  Another sure sign is last night, man I had the night sweats all night.  If you add 300 more calories in a day, do you sweat all night? 
Besides, I'm not lifting weights for grins.  If I want to see development, I need to eat more. 

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