Wednesday, March 2, 2016

1 Month Of Weight Lifting And...

No change whatsoever.

It's POSSIBLE that I'm not eating enough, that's the old stand-by answer, but I physically can't eat any more at all.  I wake up and eat a large volume of food, do that ever 3 hours, go to bed bloated and gassy and stuffed.  It interfers with my sleep, last night I woke up thinking I had to puke, burped, tried to lay on my stomach to keep it safe, and went back to sleep.

My workouts are intense enough.  I am always pushing for more reps, sets, or weight.  Friday I hit a wall of exhaustion.  It wasn't a sleepy-tired, it was muscle exhaustion.  Luckily, I take weekends off, but I was just wiped. 

So my standard answer why I never see any changes and why bodybuilding doesn't work for me is that I must be too fat to see the muscle.  That's the internet stand-by answer as well.  It's like the religious fall back of, "you didn't pray hard enough," or, "you weren't worthy enough."  Sure.  It's totally because I'm too fat. 
Which actually, I look even worse.  My body is just lumpy with blubber right now.  I'm eating far too much and I'm barely getting over 1700 calories a day. 

Also, I've reached my limit on military press.  15lb dumbbells is it.  WAS it.  I could lift them last week, this week I can't get them up at all.  And this is how my weight lifting stalls and ends.  I get to a certain point and can't lift any more weight.  I do this for a few weeks and then I give up and do something else. 

I'll go out for lunch today, easy way to get more calories because I don't know of a single restaurant in a 1500 mile radius that actually cooks food.  They all just open boxes and heat in a microwave and serve. Local Mom & Pop Greek restaurant raves about her gyro meat supplier.  She brags how they don't even have to cook anything.  Like this is something to be proud of.  Makes Burger King look healthy, doesn't it?  At least they grill their mystery meat.  Can't decide which shitty restaurant to go to, which is what keeps me from going, LOL Chili's (don't get the steak fajitas, the meat quality is all gristle and fat.  Last time I had it, I sent it back.  It was inedible.)?  Rock & Brew has boring burgers, and really, sorry Gene, a really sad menu.  Bah, I'll go somewhere, I guess.  It's all bad, it doesn't matter.

End of month 1.  No progress.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

what on earth do you eat that it is too much food?

And have you considered taking time off from exercising to give your body a break? too much exercise is even worse for you than too much..

Cinnamonbite on Zazzle said...

To choke down 1700 calories you have to eat 7-8 ounces of meat at every meal, a very large bowl of salad or equally large bowl of vegetables. It's about 2 cups and you HAVE to do this 3 times a day, with breakfast and snacks. Protein shakes in between. I barely make my numbers.

I can't eat rice or other grains or dairy. I have to supplement with nuts or olive oil. You'd be amazed how fast a restaurant meal drops in calories when you don't eat the fries or a bun on the fattiest burger they offer. It goes from, "that's all your calories in one sitting!" to, "Dammit, it's only 300 calories!" real quick.

The working out isn't bothering me, I'm not doing any cardio right now so it's nothing.