Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cars, Cars, Cars

Muscle cars and classic cars, they are so gorgeous.  Back in the day, cars were made to be works of art, to be sex on wheels, to look like they're going 100 miles an hour standing still!

Nothing like the identical 4 door plastic pods rolling down our modern highways, huh?  And how do you like our modern day colors?  You get your choice of grey, black, or white--and only what the dealer has on the lot.

Who loves the old round body trucks with the wooden beds?
Who loves Opels?

 Custom Paint!  Who else loves cars with a COLOR!  Speaking of, guess who's truck is going to be painted!  Yup.  11 years old, 11 years of grocery store carts and rocks on the road and a klutzy son with a bike and a bb gun.  It'll be done by Xmas.  Can't wait!

I was going to go with House of Kolors burnt orange with a gold ghost pearls but when I actually saw it:

I realized I couldn't live without the sparkle.  Needed flake in my paint.  Needed glitter.  So, I'm going black cherry with glitter and a ghosted dragon on the side.

So look at it in it's old factory paint boringness while you can.  

Need gifts for Car Lovers?
Like to learn how to cook on your car engine?
Or maybe you just want a Zombie Hunter's Car?

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