Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Pretty Green Shoes--"I bought them online."

I want you to know that I have been wearing these Dansko shoes, every day, since June. And EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear them, I get complimented on them. Every single time! And for every single woman I talk to, I keep thinking I'm not giving her enough information. I mean, how much can you tell a total stranger in a restaurant or in the grocery store? I can say that they're comfortable, but what does that mean to you? I end up saying, "I bought them online," but that's not really very helpful. So next time, maybe I should hand out a business card with a link to this post? If I've done this and your here about my pretty green shoes, I'm writing this for you!  
  • Comfort: I've always worn sneakers. Good quality. Nike, L.A. Gear hightops, Kswiss, or Reebok. In no time of my life was I ever comfortable in heels or flats or even boots. I wore sneakers. Always. So yeah, when I say my Dansko's are comfortable, seriously, I can jog in these shoes. I have run across a parking lot in a Florida rainstorm more than once.  
  • Heels: I have craptastic balance but I feel really secure in these shoes because of the wide strap and the heel isn't very high at all. I have worn these shoes all day long with no problems. I have worn them to car shows out in grassy fields. I have worn them for hours in the mall. The inside feels like suede so you're not slipping around in slick sweaty leather which means I had no breaking-in blisters either.  
  • Color: The green works great in the spring and summer and sure worked great for Halloween, but I had to ponder for a long time between the blue and the green. Tough choice.
And for the record, I still wear sneakers.

I have these in blue and white and I wore them walking all over England, France, Italy, and Germany. My shoes have seen more castles and ancient ruins than should be legal for one pair of shoes! Matter of fact, I brought hiking boots with me. I ditched them in London because my Danskos were WAY WAY more comfortable!

Here I am wearing them in Pompei.
My Dansko shoes walked all over Europe and I never even got a blister. 

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