Wednesday, November 27, 2013

London Calling

We celebrated Thanksgiving today by going out to dinner.  A day before the actual holiday (car show tomorrow).  Which makes me wonder, how many other people don't really celebrate Thanksgiving?  I learned in college that the major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas only exist when you have families.  If you're on your own, well they're just another day of the week.  It took minutes, actually to put it together.  That Wednesday night, everyone in the dorm was leaving to go home for the holidays, our classes done, our bags packed for some much needed R&R.  FINALLY!  All the food I could eat!  Thanksgiving!  I wouldn't have to skip a meal for days, I could eat as much as I could hold!  I called my foster family to find out when they were coming and they told me they forgot about me and, they couldn't come get me until maybe the weekend.  After all, it was Thanksgiving and they were leaving town to be with family.
Until that moment, I thought I was part of that family.  But if you think I was going to let them know they got to me, HA!  Ok then.  "Nevermind," I said.  "Maybe I'll see you for Christmas."  Which I didn't, of course.
So ever since then, it was just me, then it was 2 of us, now the 3 of us, and soon it'll be just the 2 of us again.  Thanksgiving is like swimming pools, an attractive nuisance.  After decades of cooking huge Thanksgiving meals, ugh, I just got tired of it.  3 years ago, we started going out to dinner and we have never looked back!  And since the restaurant is jam-packed as well as all the theme parks, I wonder, how many other people don't bother with Thanksgiving?

So, speaking of England (where did you think those religious nutter pilgrims came from, huh?), here are some pics:

 Tower bridge from the Tower of London.  Yes, I DID make a special point of seeing poor Queen Anne Boleyn's grave and Queen Jane Grey's.  Anne of One Thousand days and Jane, nine days a queen.  

Traitor's Gate

The London Eye.  Beware of Dr Who and The Fantastic Four

View from the top
And if you think this looks like toys...I played with some tilt-shift and...

 Westminster Abbey.  Been around since 1066, where William the Conqueror was crowned!  So many famous people buried there.  Everyone.  Elizabeth I and her sister, Bloody Mary.  Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Chaucer.  So this here is the special garden for the monks.  You know they run around barefoot in there?  Religious people crack me up.  Speaking of...

Yeah, no pictures allowed.  Shame no one can take pictures in there, isn't it?
 Yup, better just take photos from the outside, LOL

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