Sunday, April 13, 2014

Car Show Muscle

You never know what you'll see at a car show.  Today was all Chevy Nova day and I was ecstatic!  Now, I'm all about the 3rd generation body style, it has always been my favorite car but I can appreciate a good Chevy II or a 2nd gen--and they were ALL out today!

 Here's a beauty of a Nova.  It's at all the car shows which is fine because sometimes he's the only Nova there.  These aggressive front ends, like a shark.   Novas look like they're moving when they're standing still.

1963, 2nd generation.  You can tell from the grill work how the Gen 3, the Chevelle, and the Camaro will eventually evolve.

 White Nova, 2nd gen body.  Flawless interior!

 And this beauty of a Chevy II converted into a race car

Super Sport Chevy Nova

They had other cars out there, of course.  Here's a little something from the stables.  All the pony cars were grouped together this time

YEAH!  This is a thing of beauty!  The living embodiment of all my Matchbox Cars as a kid!

Every skull is different

 Art on wheels

Interior of an AMX.  Back in the day, car manufacturers made spaceships.

A story about microfiber towels.  
I have a big bag of microfiber towels that I bought at Costco.  Ok, they're gross.  They stick to the skin of your hands and it's just...gross.  I hate them.
A few weeks ago, I wrote about what to buy a car enthusiast and The Junkman recommended some microfiber towels.  As in everything, he was 100% correct!

This is just me doing laundry, I had to take a picture of this.  See how plush these edgeless towels are?   And yes, you CAN wash these towels.  Hot water wash, no softener in the wash or the dryer.  

So what do I do with the other icky towels?  Well, microfiber, they must be a dust magnet and you can really dust off your furniture, right?  Not so much.  But they are awesome at cleaning windows!  Yeah, I wash my windows once a year in the spring and there was one room where the windows were REALLY grody because I didn't wash them when we moved in--it was still the filth from the original owners.  And THAT was a major clean-up effort, but I digress.  You know how when you wash a window and you have the spray cleaner and you have to use maybe 4 or 5 paper towels for 1 window to get it right?  One Costco microfiber tower cleaned  4 windows.  No paper towels, no streaks.  So those cheap microfiber towels are great for windows and house chores but I'm using these new plush towels from The Rag Company solely for car washing.

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