Thursday, April 3, 2014

Need a Cat Stroller? Of course you do!

Went to the vet today, got my girls (Mei Mei, Calia, & Ceilidh) shot.  Professor Fuzzywinkle isn't due until end of July.  I took them in the stroller and the staff just couldn't stop talking about how cool it was and where could they get one and they know people who would love one of these.
Here it is:

 I got this mostly for the yearly check-ups, I mean, seriously, Farmer's Carry 2 carriers and have son or spouse come with me to bring in the others? Or make several appointments? Tedious! And then with fostering kittens, do you know how many carriers that is?  At first, sure, they all fit in one and it's cute, but kittens do the darnedest thing.  They GROW!  You ever try stuffing 5 teenagers into one cat carrier?  Yeah?  Now try it with cats.
See what I did there?

So I bought a cat stroller for cheap.  I've had it since October.  It hasn't taken regular constant hard use yet and it would never withstand an angry feral or a kitten who really wanted to tear his way out of the mesh, but so far I've had no problems whatsoever.

Check it out, this one is lower in price than the one I bought! 

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